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W H O  W E  W O R K  W I T H

Contract Vehicles

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HHI is a proud support provider of Seaport NxG

HHI, along with its network of advisors and industry partners supports

DHS, DoD, USAID and commercial clients:

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  • DHS: Our leadership team, key employees and industry partners have supported DHS since the founding of DHS.  HHI has supported DHS projects since our inception in 2015. We have supported CBP, ICE, TSA, FEMA, USCIS, USCG, S&T, NPPD (now CISA), and I&A.  Our support includes system development (including Agile development), border and maritime technology and business process analysis, supply chain attack initiatives, program documentation and tailoring to the DHS and component-specific SELC, requirements gathering and analysis, supporting the writing and development of implementation plans to meet Presidential Directives, supporting operational testing and evaluation, and several other areas.


  • Commercial: Our clients span commercial contractors supporting both government and non-government organizations.  We created a unique and powerful P-Go and P-Win tool that drives prioritization of both internal and external client actions.  We have helped our clients better align their organizational structure and improve their product value proposition through white papers and other relevant marketing materials.  We helped a major IT services provider with their go-to-market strategy and facilitated several client meetings.  We have provided winning proposal support to several contractors.  We provided Agile process analysis and improvement, as well as organizational change recommendations to a major election systems manufacturer. The client has implemented all recommendations.  We have provided cost restructuring and readiness assessments to several Department of Defense (DoD) Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  We are currently providing readiness and organizational change support to another DoD OEM.


  • DoD: HHI has provided DoD and many of its contractors with support for manufacturing and logistics readiness, including assessing and improving readiness while controlling costs.  We have provided engineering driving cost restructuring for several DoD Original Equipment Manufacturers.  Specifically, we provided a readiness review for a major DoD Weapon System and were the driving force behind the 2018 SECNAV commission to improve Naval Aviation Readiness.   We also provided a detailed strategic readiness assessment of USTRANSCOM’s Civil Reserve Air Fleet.


  • Advanced Technologies: We bring exciting new technology exposure to both our commercial and government clients. These new technologies have included advanced high-efficiency motors, advanced technology textiles for personnel protection and safety, and advanced surface platforms with sophisticated surveillance and security capabilities.

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