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HHI provides leading consulting solutions to U.S. Federal, international, and commercial clients.  We, and our broad network of industry partners, support our clients in the Homeland Security, Defense, and International Trade arenas across a broad spectrum of capabilities:

Trade and Customs Operations:  Our Trade & Customs Operations expertise spans a broad spectrum that includes improving the efficiency and security of trade, improving control of immigration and cross-border transit, and combating illicit trade activities.

  • We have supported the U.S. government as well as its support to foreign governments in assessments and business process re-engineering of customs operations involving cargo, people and conveyances

  • HHI has experience in helping to establish business rules for risk analysis and targeting

  • We have supported multiple efforts to establish plans for resilience and recovery planning for sea ports

  • Our team has extensive experience in implementing WCO and WTO requirements, including the support of multilateral negotiations for the establishment of single window requirements and harmonized systems and processes

  • We have expertise across the full gamut of international trade and transportation transaction set:  import, export, transit, in-bond, carnet, foreign trade zone procedures, financial instruments, etc.

  • We have helped clients establish business rules for screening and targeting, and assisted with business process re-engineering to make better use of resources and focus inspection activities

  • Our team has supported the full lifecycle planning and development of single window implementations, and has developed plans for the development of international processing facilities



Border Security Operations:  Our support has helped clients improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Border Security Operations: processes, systems and technology.  

  • Our team has helped to define requirements and implementation plans for surveillance technologies, including persistent surveillance and detection—aerial, ground and remote

  • We have a strong, firsthand understanding of the missions of our clients that comes from years of direct support in requirements and process analysis between ports of entry, at ports of entry (land, air, and sea), as well as ports overseas

  • We have supported operational test and evaluation (OT&E) for mission systems

  • We have performed technology assessments on behalf of many of our clients, and based on our role as part of a unique evaluation group can identify emerging and new technologies with direct application in the environments of our clients



Strategic Advisory: Our Strategic Advisory services include commercial management strategy, business development and organizational strategy support.  Our expertise also includes the evaluation of complex organizational designs and strategies that require improving complex internal, external, and sub-tier vendor structures.  

  • Organizational Strategy support that better aligns support organization to mission requirements

  • Vendor base analysis that identifies specific vendors presenting capacity or quality risks to end customer delivery

  • Business Development support from pipeline development to helping identify specific capabilities and value propositions needed to maximize win potential through capture

  • We offer an analytical tool for thinking through P-Go and P-win criteria, helping our clients prioritize resources and specific administrative and operational capabilities needed to maximize sales potential 



Information Technology: HHI brings Information Technology expertise that delivers tailored application and software development, as well as cyber and network security support.  Capabilities include:

  • Tailored training for the specific software and/or application development needs of our clients

  • Agile capabilities and Agile-certified partners with disciplined software development experience

  • Software and hardware Operations and Maintenance support



Supply Chain and Logistics: Our end-to-end supply chain and logistics expertise includes: solutions to global supply chain operations, advanced analytics, supply chain risk management, and sustainment of sophisticated equipment and system requirements. 

  • We bring professionals who can provide the necessary expertise and skills for day to day supply chain and asset logistics support, including both the operational and administrative requirements of commercial and government clients

  • We can optimize Operations & Maintenance (O&M), whether individual systems or applications or a systems-of-systems support concepts, to include prioritizing disparate system and equipment support requirements for cost vs. performance optimization

  • Business Case Analysis of logistics support organizational and major initiative strategies, to include comparing performance-based solutions with traditional support structures

  • Our Supply Chain Risk analysis includes joining strategic management assessments with a detailed analysis of complex supply chains to help clients prioritize vulnerable supply chain nodes as well as identify vendors with distinct vulnerabilities

  • Our Illicit network analysis combines advanced analytics with a strategic assessment to help law enforcement identify specific vulnerabilities that will most leverage the vulnerabilities of illicit networks and supply chains




Informatics & Analytics: We have sophisticated advanced analytics capabilities that transform complex, big data sets into information that helps support management decisions. 

  • Highly stable, sophisticated storage solutions that can optimize cloud and local server storage needs

  • Efficient and timely Fusion of disparate data formats that provides a much better perspective of operational and administrative status and needs for client leadership

  • Customizable dashboards supporting better information understanding and management decision support

  • Solutions for managing and storing video surveillance, including law enforcement body cameras, facility security, and surveillance feeds

  • Assimilation of a wide variety of automated IT tracking "Internet of Things", supporting very complex asset management requirements

  • Sophisticated "Big Data" analytical capabilities

  • Social Media analysis that can be integrated with other data feeds




Advanced Technologies: We have been chosen to be part of a unique organization that identifies emerging, newly developed and innovative technologies that may be applicable to our clients' mission needs.  Some of the recent technologies we've brought to our clients:

  • Advanced UAV applications

    • Advanced UAVs including 12-day loiter, silent operations, and payload support for mining/oil gas/agriculture/security/defense applications

    • Tethered (long loiter) or untethered drones for border or other security requirements (quiet, highly maneuverable, portable/mobile)

    • Manufacturing capability supporting new aircraft design and low-cost component build

  • Advanced coatings for lightning strike abatement, EMI/RFI shielding, and potential stealth properties

  • Single Propeller aircraft for multiple missions (Tactical, High-Performance Trainer, and ISR Patrol)

  • Advanced glove and clothing materials improving the protection of law enforcement and special operations personnel

  • Advanced anti-fog goggle technology for a wide variety of applications.

  • Riverine, littoral and port networked sub-surface, surface, and aerial search and surveillance capability

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