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P A S T  P E R F O R M A N C E S

HHI provides leading consulting solutions to U.S. Federal, international, and commercial clients.  We, and our broad network of industry partners, support our clients across Homeland Security, Defense, and International Trade arenas across a broad spectrum of capabilities:
Our experience crosses a broad spectrum of capabilities and services.  Our services help our clients succeed in both government and commercial markets, and span functional support areas that include Information Technology, Supply Chain & Logistics, Customs and Trade Operations.

Trade & Customs Operations

We have supported customs organizations and operations both in the U.S. and internationally.  We have successfully blended our understanding of customs operations and international business in trade in delivering unique perspectives to government and commercial clients.  

  • We led the market assessment and technology fit-for-purpose analysis for an international manufacturer's proposed technology solution for the complex requirements of cargo and container inspection

  • We have provided subject matter experts to support clients in implementing new customs procedures, creating new frameworks for valuation (including analysis of local tariff schedules), reducing release times for cargo, and enhancing revenue collection

  • Our team has supported the analysis of illicit supply chains, providing insights and awareness that enhanced operational knowledge and capabilities

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Border Security Operations

HHI’s border security operations experience encompasses the assessment and  implementation of technologies and the assessment and change management aspects of policy and operations in creating layered border security solutions.  We work with our clients to ensure the full consideration of technology, policy and process, and people is reflected in the solutions we support.

  • We have supported the full mapping of business process at and between ports of entry in the U.S., and have experience in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean with maritime and land border ports and security

  • We have experience supporting multi-jurisdictional requirements in the U.S., including the understanding of roles and responsibilities related to legitimate and illicit supply chain operations, both inbound and outbound  

Strategic Advisory Services

We provide Management Strategy support to both commercial and federal government clients.  Past support examples:

  • We have supported multiple organizational change, vendor analysis, and cost restructuring effort for major naval systems manufacturers.  These efforts included evaluation of developing technology and recommendations for improving the efficiency of end product delivery

  • We have helped develop go to market strategies for government IT contractors. We built marketing white papers and facilitated the preparation and scheduling of key client decision maker meetings. This included improving their internal processes to better align with key P-Go and P-Win criteria

  • We provided a detailed Analysis and recommendations for USTRANSCOM's Civil Reserve Air Fleet Readiness requirements

  • We provided key area proposal support for a winning Operations & Maintenance bid to a major Joint Combatant Command program

  • We completed an Organizational Change and improved the Agile development process for a major Election system provider.  All recommendations were implemented by this commercial client

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Information Technology

HHI has supported large scale and tailored system and software development efforts.  We have led the requirements and system analysis, system engineering lifecycle (SELC) documentation and tailoring to programmatic needs and Agile practices. Together with our partners, we have also:

  • Provided tailored training to software and application developers for the specific needs of our clients

  • Prepared required documentation for program management and compliance purposes (i.e., Program Management Plan, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Operational Requirements Documents (ORD), Alternatives of Analysis (AoA), Systems Architecture / Engineering documents, Test Plans, Quality Assurance Plans (QASP), Transition Plans, and documents in support of major program milestones such as Test Readiness Review, Production Readiness Review, and Operations and Maintenance guides.)

  • Provided data fusion capability to both commercial and government clients with disparate data sources and formats.  Our clients were able to develop a holistic perspective of their complex organization status and operational trends

Supply Chain & Logistics

We have provided a broad array of Supply Chain & Logistics support to both commercial and government customers.  This includes traditional supply chain optimization as well as helping clients rationalize and improve the organizational design of their logistics network.  Specific experience for our network of providers includes:

  • We convinced the US Navy to initiate a Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) Level commission that will drive improved fighter aircraft supply and maintenance support performance

  • We have developed strategies for complex system Operations and Maintenance requirements.  This provides actions that drive improved performance within constrained budget environments

  • We have developed strategies for complex system Operations and Maintenance requirements (including PBL "Performance Based Logistics" comparative analysis).  We developed discrete and client environment specific actions that helped drive improved performance within constrained budget environments

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Informatics & Analytics

Our network of partners brings a powerful mix of data analytics capabilities, including value from data, or “data fusion” (capabilities that can integrate disperse and varying data formats into meaningful decision and management support information). Our data analysis experience includes complex supply chain, social media, and integration of complex internet of things (IoT) systems.  Additional experience includes:

  • Illicit network risk management evaluation to assist law enforcement with specific targeting information

  • Assistance with the development of detailed analytics that provide chemical toxicology through comparative data analysis.  The aim is to obviate the need for time-consuming and costly animal testing (not to mention the discomfort of the animals!)

  • Comprehensive video management support to include storage and management of video feeds for surveillance, security, full motion video analysis, and law enforcement body-worn cameras

  • Social media analysis that identifies information relevant for law enforcement. This improves client staff efficiency as well as the performance of enforcement activities

Advanced Technologies

We have unique exposure to exciting new technologies under development from small, or even micro, company entrepreneurs. Exposure of these developing technologies to our large government and commercial clients have had broad potential economic impact. Developing technologies include:

  • High efficiency electrical motors

  • Advanced materials improving the protection of law enforcement and special operations personnel

  • Advanced anti-fog goggle technology for a wide variety of applications.

  • Riverine, Littoral and port networked sub-surface, surface, and aerial search and surveillance capability

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