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W H O  W E  A R E

The HHI Difference
HHI brings the benefits of a small business, agile and customer focused, with the breadth of experience and capabilities that are associated with large firms.  We can quickly respond to changing customer requirements and our leadership is proactively involved with the delivery of every task in every client engagement.  Our Advisors and Industry Partners include successful leaders with expertise in both commercial and government environments.  Our network also includes access to new and innovate technologies applicable to a variety of commercial government missions.  We blend our corporate and network expertise to bring a seamless, unique perspective and set of capabilities to our clients and their mission needs. 


Jim Beggs

Jim is the Managing Parter of HHI with over 30 years of professional experience in leading development and implementation of management strategy, cost restructuring, and logistics/supply chain support for government, commercial and international clients. Jim has overseen the development and delivery of businesses that have serviced clients in every DoD service, DHS, and both commercial and international clients.

Dan Dreyfus

Dan is a Senior Advisor to HHI with over 25  years of professional experience providing strategic management and consulting support to global government and commercial clients.  Dan is a subject matter expert and business leader in international trade and customs operations; border security; immigration & security; supply chain security; strategic sourcing; and logistics, shipping & infrastructure.  Dan is fluent in Spanish.


Pepper - Company Mascot

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